Black Salt with Shimmer


Black Salt with Shimmer

Hawaiian black lava salt infused with fine black shimmer and Nag Champa botanical oil. Black Salt absorbs and cleanses negativity and impact from ill intentions. Frequently used to craft circles, sigils, and lines around candles and various items to consecrate magic into workings. Other methods of use including adding small pinches to tops of candles, mixing into gris-gris bags, and enchanting homes with salt lines in front of entry ways.
NOTE: this is not an edible salt. Do not ingest. This item can be used as a bath salt, in very small quantities (like a couple of pinches).

Make: Five Corners Signature Salt Mix
Use: Bath Salt, Magick Tool
Magick: Protection, Banishing, Cleansing
Scent: Nag Champa
Color: Black with Shimmer
Material: Hawaiian Black Lava Salt
Clean: Paraben Free, Gluten Free
Weight: 2 oz

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