Ritual Salt - Protection with Obsidian


Ritual Salt - Protection with Obsidian

Salt from the Dead Sea infused with European cornflowers, botanical oils, and obsidian to offer protection and concealment in magical practices. Frequently used to craft circles, sigils, and lines around candles and various items to prevent outside influence from interrupting workings. Other methods of use including adding small pinches to tops of candles, mixing into gris-gris bags, and protecting homes with salt lines in front of entry ways.
NOTE: this is not an edible salt. Do not ingest. This item can be used as a bath salt, but may clog drains due to the smaller items within.

❖ Approximately 3.50 oz
❖ Lightly Scented
❖ Made with Dead Sea Salt
❖ Made with botanically based & sourced fragrance oils
❖ Made with obsidian
❖ Paraben free, gluten free, lead free

By the Way - We neither have the right or ability to guarantee any of the claims in this listing. Sold Only As Curio.