Swallowtail Wing Memento Mori Ring

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Glass cabochon set over a piece of wing from an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail who passed naturally along the banks of the Wissahickon in Philadelphia. Found resting in the stones, the wing was tattered and I knew I had to do something to preserve it.

In addition to the wing pieces, a dried yarrow and a few other plant bits are settled beneath the glass.

Size 7

Quenched in my Companion Quench, with intent of honoring the spirit of the butterfly.
See more about Companion Quench on the Alchemy Page of the website.

Each Wayward Silver piece is handmade in my studio in Philadelphia, PA. I carefully select stones and forge each piece with intention and love. Most of my jewelry has been oxidized for contrast in the silver but each is newly made unless listed otherwise. Handmade pieces may show character of tool marks, slight imperfections, or other unique markings as a result of the labor.