Active Quenches:

Wayward Quench:
This quench is always changing ever so slightly but consider this the "house dressing" of you Wayward jewelry. It's made with the intention of wishing well the wearer, building confidence, some slight protection, and a touch of expanding my business opportunities. Ingredients include consecrated water, rose petals, mugwort, Fancy Monster Vision's Dandelion Vol 1 & 2 and a few other personal things. 

Magnetic Heart Quench: This quench is about attracting good things to you - starting with your own sense of self. A confidence boost that moves from the inside out, making room for the people who want the best for you to join in and support your journey, and helping to bring you into habits that nuture your spirit. Ingredients include Hail Yourself Spray from Rogue Witch Apothecary, consecrated water, lavender, yarrow, black salt, wax from a spell worked candle, and a few other ritual components. 

Companion Quench: Specifically made to bring forth helpers, to animate the piece with the spirit of a good natured friend to join you on your path. This is an invitation, a home, not a guarantee. You must still tend to your piece and garner your relationship in most circumstances. Ingredients include hematite, Bullet rye whiskey, marijuana ash, fairy parachute mushroom host twig & spores, rose petals, and Fancy Monster Vision's Dandelion Vol 1 & 2 (expand community & conscious connections).

Custom Quenches:
Right now, Patreon subscribers have access to custom alchemically spell crafted jewelry. Using herbs, flowers, metal and water; I draw on traditional witchcraft, herbalism, folk magick, and intuitive practice to create powerfully infused quenches for the silver used in your custom jewelry.

As metal is heated, the molecular make up changes, and upon quickly cooling in the water based quench, it contracts - creating the perfect scenario to imbue the piece with power. 

Using this practice, I'm able to create spellcrafted jewelry to serve a variety of purposes. 

Join me on Patreon at any level to book a custom quenched piece for yourself.