Friend of the Dead Necklace

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To be honest with you, this piece has a mind of it's own, and if it's meant for you - I think you'll know.

Quartz coffin with the sliiiightest rosy tint and a square cut coffin nail dangling beneath.

26" sterling chain goes right over the head with no clasp.

Coffin nail ethically acquired from Moses at Nail is set securely into the necklace but if you so choose, it can be fairly easily clipped from it's setting and used for magical purposes in an emergency. Can also be used while still in the setting for plenty of spirit workings.

Quenched in the Magnetic Heart Quench, but it's got a little extra going on.

Each Wayward Silver piece is handmade in my studio in Philadelphia, PA. I carefully select stones and forge each piece with intention and love. Most of my jewelry has been oxidized for contrast in the silver but each is newly made unless listed otherwise. Handmade pieces may show character of tool marks, slight imperfections, or other unique markings as a result of the labor.