Wayward x FMV Telltale Heart Ring

$150.00 - $151.00

Spooky name, soothing magic! For a limited time, pair this handcrafted ring with Fancy Monster Vision's Elastic Heart oil pen for a big discount and big magic!

About the Ring: size 8 1/2 sterling silver anatomical heart with garnet, smokey quartz, and beaded accents. Ring measures ~ 3/4" "square"

About the Oil Pen: Made by fellow Darksome artist Fancy Monster Vision, Elastic Heart pairs perfectly with this ring set. Herbal-infused oils are the most familiar magical materia to most. Crafted with the alcohol intermediary method, these oils are crafted by infusing unique herbal blends into an oil base, along with hand-selected tree resins. Once strained, an essential oil fragrance blend curated to uplift the energetics is added.

The Combo: If you're the type to wear your heart on your sleeve, this set is for you. Set your heart-centered intention as you anoint each ring with Elastic Heart, simply brushing the oil over or under the band. Refresh as often as you feel the need for some extra support. It's on-the-go powerful spellwork for busy babes with big hearts.

More on FMV here: https://fancymonstervision.com